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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Clarifying Shampoo Review # 2

Clarifying Shampoos are great for removing product build up, and in my case dry scalp build up. They leave your hair feeling lighter, and looking shinier. It's a good idea to clarify your hair at least once a month to get rid of product and mineral deposits. So I have been looking for a good clarifying shampoo that doesn't dry my scalp too much. My last post I reviewed a V05 clarifying shampoo and now I am reviewing:

 Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo

It is Paraben-free, no petroleum, mineral oil or artificial color and it is SLS/SLES/Sulfate Free. Yeah!!

I loved using this shampoo it stimulated my scalp (great tingle), my hair was super clean when done, and it smells soo good. My scalp issues, mainly dry scalp, was manageable and it I will definitely be using this often. I bought my shampoo at the JC Penny's Sephora so with that I saved on shipping. But it can be purchased online on QVC and the Carol's Daughter website.

Cons: Pricey $12.50 for 8oz. seems steep esp compared to paying $1.25 but you get what you pay for. Really needs to be followed by a conditioner or ACV rinse. I tried to go without my rinse and my hair felt a little to dry. However, I think that might be the case with any clarifying shampoo you use.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clarifying Shampoo Review

Previously, I was using Dawn in my hair, it is great for keeping your cuticles closed and removing build up. But the product junkie in my was getting bored and I found it didn't help my scalp issues. So after my hair settled, I was given the OK to use clarifying shampoos. Yippee!

My first to try was V05 Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Shampoo.

The reason I chose this one first was because I have heard other SL sisters talk about it, and the price I paid was $1.50!! I have used this product for 3 washes, 1 without an ACV rinse and the others with. Without the ACV rinse I found my scalp was OK for 5 days, then winter (very dry scalp) arrived. With the ACV rinse my scalp held up for a few more days. My actual hair shaft, with and without the ACV rinse, was very dry, and I do not use conditioner, so I was not impressed with that.

Pros- 1. Very affordable (cheap) 2. Cleanses hair and scalp effectively 3. Smells like heaven 4. Lathers very well

Cons- 1. Has the 'nasty stuff' in it i.e sulfates 2. Hair felt really dry and stiff  3. Did not help fight dry scalp

My next review will be on Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welcome to Naptapestry Hair Studio

Naptapestry Hair Studio
Certified Loctician/Owner - Precious Stallworth

Even though I liked seeing all the women getting their hair done at my consultants old salon, I love love love her new space!! It is all hers and it totally represents her. It is sophistication with a twist, calming and comfortable.  I really enjoy her space because I feel like I am in a high end salon with a reasonable price. She is located in the Leimert Park area of Los Angeles, and it is great because I can pick up a Jamaican patty, my Shea butter and Black soap from the surrounding stores while I am there.

I am so happy to have Precious as my Certified Consultant, she is not only an awesome consultant/loctician but she is a wonderful woman as well.

Precious has awesome highlights and her hair is so beautiful and neat! 

I feel totally pampered in this space!!

Stay Blessed!!



Friday, October 15, 2010

Sesame Street:Song: I Love My Hair

Let Sesame Street know how much we love this positive message!!!!


Friday, September 10, 2010

1 Year Anniversary!

Well last month, Aug.9th, I made it to my 1 year mark. I could not color my hair, like I planned, and that is disappointing but the reason I do not want to color my hair is because;

I am Pregnant!!!!! I am due Nov. 11th and we are having another girl!

                                                                             25 Weeks

I know there are dyes that might be OK to use but I just don't want to take any chances. I am moving my hair dye date to my birthday in January. I am also still trying to figure out what color I want to use. If you have any suggestions for color(s), that would suit my skin tone, please leave them in comments, I would really appreciate it.

My hair is settling but it is not locked yet. My hair is growing like a weed, I can see it in my new growth but I don't always see the length because my hair is so coily and my locs are so small. But once I start pulling/stretching my locs and compare old photos I see the difference.

The little stumps in the front (approx 2months in)

have grown into bangs!!!!

Concerns- I actually noticed a bald spot (outta nowhere) when I was around 3- 4 months pregnant. I did not want to talk about it because it stressed me out so much and I knew that my stress would make it worse. I think my pregnancy hormones and the financial stress I was under caused the patch.( I got a lot of encouragement and info from  Bajan Lily who blogged about her experience with hair loss.) But in no time it grew back and at my last appointment Precious, my consultant, put a little lock there. I am nervous about my post partum hair issues but Precious and I will be keeping a close eye on my hair.

Hair maintenance- *Retights are every 6 weeks  *Wash every 2 weeks (I will be trying out various clarifying shampoos and I cant wait to blog about that) currently I use Dawn Pure and then I do an ACV rinse *I use a Seabreeze spritz every 3 days  *I still use a shower cap and night bonnet.

Goals- 1) still aiming for a decent ponytail 2) find my hair color for my first dye EVER 3) take the SL retightening class (will continue to use my consultant but I think it is important to know how to DIY)

I am so happy with choosing to Sisterlock my hair. It has not always been an easy journey but it has been worth it.

Stay Blessed!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stick with Black Soft Spikes

On the  Soft Spikes Curlers website , it mentions that if you have thicker heavier hair that the darker foams are better to use over the lighter foams. Well I missed that point and at a local store I purchased a pack of pretty pink ones, and also a purple pack. I ended up using the pink pack before I read the warning and I rushed to return the purple ones for black. The lovely lady at the store said that it makes no difference what color you use, that they all have the same wear. But now, after using my spikes religiously, I am seeing a difference. The Black ones are holding up well while the pink ones feel a little worn,

like they are thinning at the bend.

So if you are looking to purchase Soft Spikes make sure to purchase the black ones because they will stay with you a little longer then the others.

Stay Blessed!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Retight and Clean up

As many of you know our parting grids are an important part of your Sisterlock process. They help in making your locks uniform and easy to style.

I just got back from my retight where my Consultant, took her time and incorporated my loose hairs that decided to grow like weeds over the last 6 weeks. Not only did I have a lot of new growth between my locks but I also had loose strands from my damages locks that popped due to my previous consultants retightening techniques. (That is all in the past) Having all this loose hair helped Precious improve my partings, even more, and I feel like my grids are looking better and better.

6 weeks after retight and can see lots of  new and loose hairs

Freshly done and grids/ spacing are looking better 

Big word of advice for people researching Consultants; your foundation is key so make sure you pay the extra $$ and go the extra mile to get it done right!! I wish I did.

Monday, June 14, 2010

10 Months

Well this is an interesting time for me. My hair is growing, I feel tons of new growth, but to me it looks the same length as day one. I do love how it feels though, I have some thicker fuller locks.

I am doing nothing different other then taking more vitamins so not much had changed since my 9 month post. But I have noticed one major difference, my hair stays looking pretty over a 2 week period. Below I have a pictures comparing my curl freshly done and then what it looks like 2 weeks later. I have received many compliments over the last little while, and I have to say my hair is helping to put a major smile on my face.

Freshly washed

Day of wash and I combed through the curls

Stay Blessed!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Curls Galore!!

Who needs setting lotion, because I tell you today my curls are here to stay and all I used was water. I washed my hair last night and decided to use my soft spikes while my hair was still a little damp. The result....super tight curls and even after I tried to yank them apart they just curled right back up! My loose natural hair and not even my permed hair held curls like my Sisterlocks do.

I think it is time to graduate to the larger Soft Spikes!!

                                                      Just took the Soft Spikes out

                                                     Tried to pull the curls apart

                                             Oh well off I go!!!

Stay Blessed!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Has it been that long!? (9 Months)

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!  to all the Mommas out there

I hope everyone is well and I have missed you all very much!

It has been forever since I last posted ( been under a lot of stress but I will chat about that later) cause it is time to CELEBRATE. I have had my Sisterlocks for 9 MONTHS! I can't believe it has been so long, so I guess the saying it true 'time waits for nobody'

My hair is growing a lot but there are some days that you can notice it more then others, it is super coily right now.

My hair is definitely on it's way to locking and I love the way it feels. I have to say I have made no major changes to my routine;

  • I have my hair retightened every 6 weeks with my consultant Precious Stallworth 
  •  Wash every 2 weeks (still braiding and banding but no longer have slippage so I don't double band anymore)
  • ACV rinse once a month
  • Still have dry scalp issues so I spray Seabreeze as needed (usually every 4 days) 
  • No oils or conditioners
  • Sleep with a Bonnet (so sexy)
  • Use a super big shower cap (extra sexy)

A product thumbnail of Andre Shower Splendor Cap #1212

Here are some more hair pics:

Approx 3 months



  1. Blog more often!!!!
  2. Figure out my color for my 1 year anniversary
  3. Rock a ponytail!
Stay Blessed!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

First Time Seeing SL!!

I will never EVA forget the first time I saw Sisterlocks. The woman was walking by my table, I was talking to someone and I just froze, it was like everything went into slow motion. When I got home that day I started searching all over the internet and I found Sisterlocks photos, the website and then blogs. My husband got sick of me hovering over my laptop till 3am reading and looking at all I could about SL. 2 weeks later we were sitting in a restaurant and a women came in and she had her SL hanging down to her lower back. My husband was in awe and when I told him that they were Sisterlocks that won his support! lol

2 days ago I was able to stop and talk to the first woman I saw and she was so flattered to have inspired me. Her hair looked lovely and she was VERY happy with it. It had grown sooo much since I first saw her and she had even trimmed them to remove some colored ends. Of course, I am over the moon because she called mine pretty (I used my soft spikes) and I inspired her to curl hers the next day. She walked by the next day and they looked awesome.

Sorry no camera so no pics but I just wanted to share this experience.

What was your first experience with Sisterlocks?

Stay Blessed!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thoughts Become Things

This week, I have been reminded that God listens to prayers and that the Universe is always working.

On Monday, I found a journal entry in which I wrote that I was ready for Love and to share my life with someone special and I wrote a prayer pertaining to that. No coincidence that 2 weeks later I met my husband.

I also found this photo taken by my friend Amber, eons ago, while we were in Budapest and I absolutely love it. It shows how peaceful and beautiful the day was, and how nice my 'travel' braid extensions looked. But as I looked at it, a few days ago, I sat in amazement bc it was then I remembered that the first time I saw this photo I said to myself "one day I want my own hair to look like this". Now, I have Sisterlocks and one day my hair will look like that.

Watch what you say, feel and think!! Keep it positive because God  and the Universe are always listening.

Stay Blessed!!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back to Basics with High Tech Banding!

Well it's probably safe to say that my slippage issues are due to my heavy hands (as my mother sais when I mead dough) and my loose braid & banding when shampooing my locks. I went to get my hair washed by my consultant and she showed me a different way to band my hair and she reminded me why I have to be gentle with my locks while washing. I think that I might have scrubbed  too hard previously because I panicked when I saw the build up in my locks as I discussed in my previous post here.

I have just recently started a You Tube Channel and I posted a video about my banding process. I think it is a good video for newbies and those who feel like they have to go back to basics to deal with their slippage issues. I will post the link below and please feel free to Subscribe and/or friend me if you are a fellow You Tuber.

But here are some pics of my hair after taking it out of the braids/twists and bands. I really like the curls and waves and they have lasted a LONG time.


The Woman Inside Channel

Stay Blessed

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shea Butter Whip

Recently, I made a Shea Butter whip to use on my daughter's hair and our skin.

I have used it for a week and I love what it has done for my daughter's hair . My daughter's hair is moisturized and looks shiny.  My skin feels silky smooth and I love the benefits of using Shea butter on me.The only adjustment I will make is to use  a stronger smelling EO that is still highly beneficial for hair and safe to use on my LO. ( I am not in love with the scent)

What you need:

  • 6 TBSP Shea Butter
  • 1 TBSP Coconut Oil**
  • 1 tsp Jojoba (ho HO ba) oil 
  • 1 tsp Grapeseed oil
  • 1/2 TBSP Aloe Gel
  • 1 TBSP Veg. Glycerin, 
  • 1/4 tsp Honey/ or 10 drop of Tea Tree oil   
  • 10 Lavender Essential oil
  •  Storage container that can also be used as your mixing bowl
  • large bowl to hold hot water
  • spatula
  • mixer
  • spoon

1) Place Shea butter in your storage container and put that container in the bowl of hot water. Melt Shea butter (leave some chunks)

2) Add all carrier oils, aloe gel and veg. glycerin.  Mix these ingredients with a hand mixer for 5-7 min.

3) Put mixture in freezer 5-10min till hard.

4) Mix again and using a spatula insure that you get anything stuck in the bottom rim of your container. Blend for about 5 min.

5) Add your EO and preservative (honey or Tea Tree Oil)

 6) Continue to blend 3-5 min or until you get the consistency that you prefer. 

(1 week later)

Shea Butter Whip in Action

I rarely use this style because it causes too much stress on her hair but this was Big D's Birthday.

Here are some great resources for the benefits of Shea butter and Coconut oil.

**In the recipe above I used my own homemade coconut oil and I will share the method my Mother taught me at another time.

I have to add that even though I like making this whip, I will continue to make it for my daughter's hair, I really miss pampering myself with buying hair products (silly I know) so  I am going to continue to enjoy  the natural product line, FUZE for my skin.  I love love it and the Vanilla Butter smells sooo good. Big D definitely prefers it.

Stay Blessed!!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Finally getting some LOVE!!!

YEEEAAAHHH! I have had 3 people in the last 6 days tell me in person that they LOVE my hair!! Before,  I've gotten "oh you've changed you hair...looks nice", "you cut your hair" and "your hair is cute". But now I can add "I love your hair" to the list. I am doing the happy dance.

I guess that self- love, sending positive vibes, thing really works ;)

Of course, I have to give a shout out to Precious, my SL consultant! I would also like to give some credit to my new purchase.

(Click on image for website)

I bought 2 packs for $6.95 each at a local retailer called Shamrock Imports. I ended up exchanging a pack because later I read, on the Soft Spikes wed site, that the black curlers work better then pink and purple(the colors I bought) because it's made of a sturdier foam. Keep that in mind if you would like to purchase Soft Spikes for your locs. Even so, I kept the pink because I had already used them and they worked just fine.

I used only one pack, so 30 rollers, I didn't use any setting lotions, gels or even water but I did sleep in them over night. It wasn't too bad to sleep in but then again I am use to sleeping in perm rodes. ugh
Here's the curl:

Here's the 'style':

The curls lasted 3 days and when I'm able I want to use aloe and water as a setting gel to enhance the results.

OK, I am off to make some Whipped Shea Butter and I will post about that (if it works out) along with the adventure I had in making Coconut oil .

Stay Blessed!

Friday, February 12, 2010

6 months- Back on track again.

Well last week I had to tell myself that I loved my hair but now I really really do love it. Finally, I had my re tight and repair done. And I think it looks great!! I feel like I am back on track again.

After my appointment, I took a good look at my locks and I have to agree with my consultant, there is much improvement.

Remember the back of my hair not too long ago:



Precious Installed 11/09/09

My hair has started locking (I thought that it was bunching lol). My partings look better and my grey build up is gone. Precious fixed my slippage, reinstalled a few locks that unraveled and started some new locks as well. I am so grateful for her hard work (she is soo fast all of that done in 4 hours) But I can't wait for the day I come in for just a straight, quick and easy re-tight. My wallet is definitely waiting for that too. (I can't complain too much, I hear of some people paying out much more then me)

There is still some work to be done. She is working to save some thinning locks and reinstall some of  my lost locks that she believes are due to my locks being too tightly retightened  (before I became her client).

So Precious sends a warning, that if you have really coily hair make sure you do not force those last few rotations. You have to give your hair room to contract.

Now, I just need to combat my dry scalp the best way I can. I am decreasing my coffee intake, increasing my water intake, and I am going to start using our humidifier again. If I can remedy my dry scalp I can decrease my chances of build up. Wish me luck!

Stay Blessed!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Natural Facial Care

I am trying something new with my facial care routine. (to distract me from my hair challenges...sending my hair good vibes) A few months ago, I decided to only wash my face using black soap and I found that it removed all of my make up easily without drying my skin but it was not helping to remedy some bumps on my forehead. that I got during pregnancy 2 years ago. So I have decided to try adding a second wash using Baking Soda.
When my consultant said she was going to use baking soda to help get rid of my build up at my next appointment, I decided to read up on it. I found out that yes, it is great for build up and many use it to rid themselves of acne and other blemishes as well. I also decided to look for some natural toners and I decided to try a ACV/Green tea mix. So here is my night time routine.

  1. Wash face with pea size piece of black soap and warm water
  2. Mix tablespoon of baking soda with enough boiled water to make paste then scrub face in a circular motion and rinse very well
  3. Fill cotton pad with ACV toner (recipe below) and gently pat face
  4. Moisturize with a 50/50 mix of Grapeseed oil and Jojoba oil
  5. Look in the mirror and say " I love you, your perfect" DH recommends doing that because it is best way to end your day

ACV Green Tea Toner

1/3cup brewed Organic green tea 
1/3cup ACV
1/3cup Distilled water

mix together in glass container and keep in the fridge.

Original recipe from anneroshine

Results after 1 week

Bumps are going down and are lighter in appearance but not gone yet. You can not see the difference in pics yet but DH and I can see it in person. I will do a one month visual comparison later. 

I like the results thus far the only issue is the smell of ACV but it goes away after some time. DH doesn't seem to notice but then again he is just getting use to me mixing one concoction after the other. 

Stay Blessed!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bad Hair Day!

Well it has been a bad hair week and it doesn't look like it will get much better soon. I have washed my hair 2 days this week because after the first hair wash my hair and scalp was left grey. Yes, grey and yucky! I had rinsed and rinsed and I thought all was well but as I took my hair out of braids the next morning before work I saw a hot mess. I tried to do a style to cover it up but I ended up wearing a hat. Thank God, I was working outside those few days. I went to see my consultant and she said it was build up. I washed it again last night and rinsed it several times. Now I might be able to go around without a hat but I find my hair still looks a little grey,

 I have bunching, there's slippage in a patch of locks on top, and I LOST  a few locks. My consultant may faint when she sees this mess.

I am so frustrated. I felt as though my dry scalp was getting under control but when I came back from Tobago my scalp and skin just got really dry in this Southern Cali climate. My face even got these really dry patches that discolored my face temporarily. 

I have about a week and a half till my next appointment and Precious, my consultant, may try baking soda during my wash. I thank God for her because I don't know how I would have made it through this valley experience without her. But having this much build up, along with my other issues she has been working to correct over the last few months ( lock thinning and slippage) happening all at the same time, has overwhelmed me.

So until my appointment, I will roll my hair so the ends are less obvious and I will wear my funky hair bands. But I have to be honest, I will be very self conscious.

If you have any advice, support or have had a similar experience, please share. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 Months

Well my 5 month anniversary has passed and I have to say I am at an interesting point in my journey. I LOVE MY HAIR!! I feel funky and fun with my hair this length but I am anticipating my growth because I am looking forward to long sexy locks. I want to be tossing my own hair around when I bellydance again. I don't want to worry if I will do a turn and see my hair piece laying on the floor. That never happened, thank God, but it was always a thought in my head.

Talking about thoughts in my head, I think there should be something called a 5 month inch. I am itching to dye my hair, use some fancy products and there has been a day or 2 that I was tempted to shave them off. But I am showing restraint for now and I am practicing patience.

Routine: A) wash every 2 weeks B) use Seabreeze spray on my scalp every 4 days C) retighten every 4 weeks

Goals: A) more patience B) dye my hair at my 1st anniversary C) growth D) hair locked at 1st anniversary (hey they say dream big)

Challenges: A) letting my scalp be- I am following the directions of my consultant in not using oils on my scalp and letting it 'do it's own thing and adjust to making it's own natural oils'. Well right now I am in the part of that process where my scalp's natural oils are in over production and I am getting tons of build up B) shrinkage- I see no growth and at times that can be frustrating C) slippage- the more we correct the locks the longer it will take to lock

Day 1 Month1 Month5

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, for your support, and for giving me stellar advice.