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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stick with Black Soft Spikes

On the  Soft Spikes Curlers website , it mentions that if you have thicker heavier hair that the darker foams are better to use over the lighter foams. Well I missed that point and at a local store I purchased a pack of pretty pink ones, and also a purple pack. I ended up using the pink pack before I read the warning and I rushed to return the purple ones for black. The lovely lady at the store said that it makes no difference what color you use, that they all have the same wear. But now, after using my spikes religiously, I am seeing a difference. The Black ones are holding up well while the pink ones feel a little worn,

like they are thinning at the bend.

So if you are looking to purchase Soft Spikes make sure to purchase the black ones because they will stay with you a little longer then the others.

Stay Blessed!