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Saturday, November 26, 2011

LOC Method

I am always looking for great tips in taking care of my daughter's hair. There are a plethora of sites, and blogs but one of my favorites is Beads Braids and Beyond. I am so happy to have learned the LOC method, while talking to other Moms on there. The LOC method is using a liquid, then an oil and then a cream when applying moisture to hair. I guess I use to use the LCO method for years because I was told that using an oil last will seal moisture in. But this new method helps to retain moisture longer, and leaves her hair shin and soft.


Liquid- I spray her hair with our homemade spritz (aloe juice, leave in cond., distilled water, and a couple drops of tea tree oil)
Oil- Extra virgin Coconut oil
Cream - Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie

This combination has worked wonders on her hair, that I am prepping for Sisterlocks ;)

Stay Blessed!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lemon and Olive Oil Treatment

Both my youngest daughter, and I have been having scalp issues, and it is so frustrating. I really wanted to find her some relief  because she is so little, and I do not want her to have discomfort. So, when a fellow blogger/Facebooker mentioned using lemon juice to to solve her dandruff issues and scalp build up, I looked it up.

Lemons are a great cleanser, it has antibacterial properties, and is a very good astringent. Extra Virgin Olive oil can help reduce the production of dandruff, and works as a great moisturizer for dry scalp. So when you use both of these natural elements for scalp build up you can see results.

Mature locs/loose hair:
1. Warm 2 to 3 tablespoons of Olive oil and massage it in your scalp
2. Wrap your hair in a lint free towel (or use a plastic cap underneath) for 30 min
3. Wash your hair with a Clarifying Shampoo
4. Rinse your scalp with Lemon juice, from a fresh lemon, and a cup of warm distilled water
5. Do a final rinse to get the lemon out, using cool water that helps your hair look shiny

Baby locs: use steps 3 to 5 because Olive oil relaxes your curl and really softens your hair. I still only do steps 3-5 but used the full treatment on my daughter and saw the  benefits after one treatment!! It took 2-3 treatments of the lemon rinse to see the improvement on my scalp.

Good luck!

Stay Blessed

Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 year Anniversary!!

2yrs locked, sporting a braid out, with my 10 month old baby girl

I have had my 2 year anniversary and I still can't believe it. I am receiving several compliments, and I even had some women follow me through a couple isles in Costco, admiring about my locks. But the thing that made my heart sing was hearing my mother say she really liked my hair!! Finally!! 

First day being Sisterlocked

First  appointment/retighting by my beloved, Certified consultant, Precious!

First time I really noticed some length.

Now here is my hair at the 2 year mark

My Ponytail (including my kitchen)

Build up at the base  of my neck, you can see it in the pick above.

Hair maintenance- *Retights are every 6 weeks  *Wash every 2 weeks.  Currently, when I wash my hair,  I use Suave daily clarifying shampoo for 2 washes, and then for my final wash I use Dawn Pure. Before my retight, Precious uses Lemon Fluff shampoo and it feels so awesome  *I use a Seabreeze spritz every 3 days  *I still use a shower cap and night bonnet.

Goals- 1) an even longer ponytail 2) find my hair color for my first dye EVER 3) take the SL retightening class (will continue to use my consultant but I think it is important to know how to DIY)
So Happy to be Sisterlocked!!

Stay Blessed!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Easy Breezy

Easy Breezing Styling! I took this picture, a month ago, at my friends graduation (yeah Julie!). The night before, after putting the munch-kins to bed, I realized I had nothing to wear and I had no clue what to do with my hair. I finally decided that I was way to tired to curl it so, I dampened my ends and I put several plaits in my hair. I took the plaits out the next day and voila!!! This reminded me why I love Sisterlocks.

Stay Blessed!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad Hair Day! 2

I was about to feel bad about my hair but the logical side of me knows that the locking process has its ups and downs, its good, bad and ugly. 'LIFE HAPPENS' and my re tightening has been delayed for 3 weeks.   So...when I washed my hair, and it felt like my little fro growing would not release some dry scalp build up, I felt a little defeated. Add to that the fact that my back row of locks has build up (will discuss further next time), I felt defeated and frustrated.

Then I saw this, and I laughed so hard my husband thought that I slipped something in my grape juice. Check out this YouTube entry by .

Stay Blessed!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Loving my hair! 21 months

Wow, time flies! I can't believe I am at 21 months already. I have wanted to post so many times but technology has not been my friend, this is the busy season at work and my little ones are so much fun!

My sweet girls! 

My 3 year old, mimics me by shaking her hair as she says, "l am loving my hair!". YES!!!!

I am loving my Sisterlocks!  I adore its versatility, and its growth. My locks are much thicker and the length is starting to be more apparent. When I feel my hair tickle beyond the base of my neck I jump in fear because I am nervous that I have a spider crawling on me LOL. Even though there are days I examine my locks, and find it's faults, (thin spots, bunching etc) most of the time I am in awe of it. I just can't take my hands out of my hair. It feels so good, I just love the feel of my maturing locks.



 9 months