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Thursday, July 30, 2009


In the past, at a point in time similar to this, I would start to feel the minor signs of anxiety and then that would sooner or later escalate into something that looks/feels like a panic attack. Anytime major change came about I would do it, whether it was moving to Australia for Grad School or marrying a man from another country and starting a new life in his world. However, those changes were met with pure panic. I remember jumping into my parent’s bed, laying between them in fetal position, wondering WTH was I doing moving to a country with spiders the size of my hand. (yes I was a grown woman crying in my parent's bed). Well now that I am about to do something to my hair that is permanent I am starting to have a few doubts. Will I look professional enough? Ofcourse Will Big D (my Hubby) like all the stages of my hair evolution? Maybe/ maybe not. Oh well all I can do is make a choice and see where it leads me, if I don't like the path I move to a new one.

I am pretty proud of myself for going after what I want and now I can have the doubts, which are perfectly normal, and enjoy the journey without the overwhelming sense of fear. I see change whether you can control or not as a blessing because when it comes into my life it is for a reason. Even when I think of past ‘undesirable’ changes I see now how they fit into the grand scheme of things. So I no longer feel panic, I feel anticipation. I am curious to see what the Universe has in store.

1 more week and then I will have my Sisterlocks!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wish I knew earlier

My daughter’s hair growth has been slow, she is 20 months and her hair doesn’t look much different then when she was born. I have been so frustrated so I got on the internet and started researching natural products and hair growing techniques. It is through this research that I found ways to really care for my natural hair. It is kind of sad that after 6 years I have learnt all this info and the research, initially, really wasn’t for me. Lesson learned. My hair has never been this manageable nor this soft. I use to dread detangling my hair, I can’t tell you the times I just grabbed a pair of scissors and just chopped. Now after washing, I run a brush through my hair in no time. As for my daughter, I am taking care of her hair the best that I can and I am hoping to see some growth soon.

My Current Hair Regime

This is done once a week.

1. I create 6 large braids and I Shampoo with Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap,

2. I deep condition with (deep conditioner, honey and castor oil) about 20 min

3. I then unbraid one section at a time and detangle using a Denman brush. Once that section is detangled, I twist it and move to the next.

4. I wash out the conditioner combing through each section in the shower

5. I finish with a apple cider vinegar rinse.

6. While my hair is damp I use a cream leave in conditioner and twist my hair and then air dry

Half way through the week I use my spritz (made with Aloe, jojoba oil, rosemary oil) and my leave in conditioner and I retwist.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Consultation and Test Locks

Well I went for my consultation today and I am very excited!! We talked about sizes, the locking process and I have approx 4 tester locks. My consultant, described my hair and from all that she said my suspicions were confirmed, I have 4b hair. We are probably going to the standard sizing for Sisterlocks, which is small-med-large from front to back. I have been going back and forth btw whether I want micros or not. I want hair that curls and styles easily but I don’t want a lion’s mane lsome people say you get when you do micros on thick hair. I have 2 weeks to decide but according to my consultant I will be good with the standard sizing or small to med.

Test Locks

Monday, July 20, 2009

My So Called 'Alien' Hair

Yes, when I was younger my hair was called ‘Alien Hair’ I had very short, course, light black hair. Unfortunately with being called that my hair became something I was ashamed of. When my Aunt tried to Gerry curl my hair it just wouldn’t take, the kink would resist. Then as I got older we tried super strength relaxers and I suffered from burn after burn. I had a week of bone straight hair and then 2 weeks out it looked like I needed a whole new relaxer.

Throughout my late teens and early 20’s I had segments of going natural, I braided, twisted and sported the afro poof but after a short time I would end up trying that good old relaxer again hoping for a different result. Insanity right! But the kink would resist. Over the last 6 years I have been natural:

I added twists

and I tree braided.

For the last 3 years I braided my own hair and sported a wig. Now finally I decided to wear my hair out in twists, twist out and my pulled back afro puff.

Now, finally, my hair is going to be styled the way I believe it has always meant to be, the kink can persist. Tomorrow I am going to meet with a SL consultant and it is my goal to have my hair Sisterlocked the first week of August. I am so excited.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome and Thank you

Hello all,

Welcome to my blog! I would like to start by saying thank you to all the women who have blogged about their Sisterlock journey. I have spent endless nights reading your blogs and watching your photos. Talking about photos, they have been so inspirational to me because I have seen women of all shapes and sizes, shades and tones sporting their locs and I am left saying "just go on with your bad self". Your locs, your self awareness and your confidence make you some of the most beautiful women I have seen. My hope is that many of you will find my blog to be as uplifting, informative and inspirational as many of the blogs have been for me.