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Monday, May 20, 2013

It has been way too long

My apologies, I have been gone for a long time but I have been keeping in touch with some of you, via various SL Facebook groups. But here, on this blog, I will be sharing anything new that I have learned, and updates on hair and natural products.

My life: Currently, I am a Domestic Goddess and I am enjoying being a full time Mom, more then I ever expected. I am also taking this time to determine my next career move. Sisterlock consultant training is up for consideration but the fact that I have yet to master a basic cornrow if giving me hesitation. lol

Hair: I have been all about free-styling, partly because of time and also to strengthen my edges. During the fall of 2012, I went through a very dark period with my hair. I was so unhappy with it, I was considering combining or removing them. I even went 10 weeks without a retight.....never again. But I am back in love with my hair so much that I can't help swinging it around like I am a rock star. I also happily suffer from hand in hair syndrome. But the thing I love the most is that a major hair goal has been accomplished, I rock my own hair in a true ponytail...yeah!!!!

Unfortunately, I do not have a good camera so I do not have a ton of photos but here are a few!
Dec 2012
 May 2013