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Saturday, September 26, 2009

To loc or not to loc

Okay community I need help. I am about to go for my retightening the end of this week and I'm wondering if I should loc my 'kitchen' or not. I believe my hair has grown enough to make some baby locs so my SL consultant can probably work her magic. However, I am suffering from major slippage back there and I am wondering if it is even worth the effort. I am also getting to the point that when my hair grows in the front I can go without wearing a hair band but the back still looks bad without it. I have a long neck and I am wondering if my hairline is very low or if it is normal? Also, I am nervous that if I cut it will my hairline be too high?

What do you think, should I shave it, loc it or both (lock one more row and shave the rest)? My consultant sais it is up to me whether I want to shave it or not so your thoughts are appreciated.

My hair styled without hair tie!

Below are the shots of the nape of my neck. (Please excuse my dirty hair I am it washing tomorrow)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Retail Therapy

It has been a while, I know, but I didn't have my camera to show you my hair after my 2 week hair review with my consultant or my second wash. My consultation took a long, long time so I am a little nervous about the $$ I am going to have to fork out. I am praying that my 530+ locks will take 5 hours max. I think I will become a DIYer sooner then I thought. I wanted to do 2 years with a consultant retightening my hair but I am encouraged by gigglz and bajan lily bc they are doing it for themselves and are so proud.

My second hair wash went very well. I learned from my first experience and I did three washes, 1 was a clarifying wash using Neutrogena T/Sal then I did 2 washes with the SL Starter Shampoo. I made my braids a little more loose then I did the last time. With these changes, I felt like my hair and scalp were squeaky clean. Now I am watching my hair get thicker and I am loving it.

I bought a new hair tie for work. I am not sure if I mentioned this before but bc of my pre sisterlocks damaged hair I have to wear a band or hair tie around my edges for a while. I was starting to get a little mad, sad, frustrated and everything in between about my short edges. But I went and did a little retail therapy and bought a pretty hair tie and some new earrings. (see below) I think before this year is over I am going to have oodles and oodles of new earrings and silk ties.