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Friday, March 19, 2010

First Time Seeing SL!!

I will never EVA forget the first time I saw Sisterlocks. The woman was walking by my table, I was talking to someone and I just froze, it was like everything went into slow motion. When I got home that day I started searching all over the internet and I found Sisterlocks photos, the website and then blogs. My husband got sick of me hovering over my laptop till 3am reading and looking at all I could about SL. 2 weeks later we were sitting in a restaurant and a women came in and she had her SL hanging down to her lower back. My husband was in awe and when I told him that they were Sisterlocks that won his support! lol

2 days ago I was able to stop and talk to the first woman I saw and she was so flattered to have inspired me. Her hair looked lovely and she was VERY happy with it. It had grown sooo much since I first saw her and she had even trimmed them to remove some colored ends. Of course, I am over the moon because she called mine pretty (I used my soft spikes) and I inspired her to curl hers the next day. She walked by the next day and they looked awesome.

Sorry no camera so no pics but I just wanted to share this experience.

What was your first experience with Sisterlocks?

Stay Blessed!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thoughts Become Things

This week, I have been reminded that God listens to prayers and that the Universe is always working.

On Monday, I found a journal entry in which I wrote that I was ready for Love and to share my life with someone special and I wrote a prayer pertaining to that. No coincidence that 2 weeks later I met my husband.

I also found this photo taken by my friend Amber, eons ago, while we were in Budapest and I absolutely love it. It shows how peaceful and beautiful the day was, and how nice my 'travel' braid extensions looked. But as I looked at it, a few days ago, I sat in amazement bc it was then I remembered that the first time I saw this photo I said to myself "one day I want my own hair to look like this". Now, I have Sisterlocks and one day my hair will look like that.

Watch what you say, feel and think!! Keep it positive because God  and the Universe are always listening.

Stay Blessed!!