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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Curls Galore!!

Who needs setting lotion, because I tell you today my curls are here to stay and all I used was water. I washed my hair last night and decided to use my soft spikes while my hair was still a little damp. The result....super tight curls and even after I tried to yank them apart they just curled right back up! My loose natural hair and not even my permed hair held curls like my Sisterlocks do.

I think it is time to graduate to the larger Soft Spikes!!

                                                      Just took the Soft Spikes out

                                                     Tried to pull the curls apart

                                             Oh well off I go!!!

Stay Blessed!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Has it been that long!? (9 Months)

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!  to all the Mommas out there

I hope everyone is well and I have missed you all very much!

It has been forever since I last posted ( been under a lot of stress but I will chat about that later) cause it is time to CELEBRATE. I have had my Sisterlocks for 9 MONTHS! I can't believe it has been so long, so I guess the saying it true 'time waits for nobody'

My hair is growing a lot but there are some days that you can notice it more then others, it is super coily right now.

My hair is definitely on it's way to locking and I love the way it feels. I have to say I have made no major changes to my routine;

  • I have my hair retightened every 6 weeks with my consultant Precious Stallworth 
  •  Wash every 2 weeks (still braiding and banding but no longer have slippage so I don't double band anymore)
  • ACV rinse once a month
  • Still have dry scalp issues so I spray Seabreeze as needed (usually every 4 days) 
  • No oils or conditioners
  • Sleep with a Bonnet (so sexy)
  • Use a super big shower cap (extra sexy)

A product thumbnail of Andre Shower Splendor Cap #1212

Here are some more hair pics:

Approx 3 months



  1. Blog more often!!!!
  2. Figure out my color for my 1 year anniversary
  3. Rock a ponytail!
Stay Blessed!!!