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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dry scalp and Build up? Use the Blues!

As my hair inspiration, Blaqkofi, mentions in her blog to make sure you don't get build up rinse rinse rinse and stay away from products. When I went to see my consultant I had brutal build up, my hair was 3 weeks dirty, and there was a grey film on my hair. When she was done washing my hair, it was squeeky clean, the build up was gone!!! What did she use? Dawn dish soap!!! That along with my Sea Breeze spritz (see previous post below)has worked wonders on my dry flaky scalp. So my new best friends are the 2 blues Sea Breeze and Dawn.

I think I will alternate btw Dawn and the SL Starter shampoo. As long as I continue to still get these results.

No flakes I week later!! Usually after a retight my scalp would be itchy and flaky by now.

Sorry about the blur looks like we will need that new camera sooner then later :(

One more thing!! This week I have been drinking the Wheat Grass smoothie also and I am loving it, so I have a green friend too. Maybe the combo of all these things is helping to turn my scalp around.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Everything Old is New again

On the drive over to the salon, I girded my loins. LOL I had rehearsed my questions several times, I was so nervous. But as soon as I walked in and I saw her working on her current client’s hair, I felt tremendous relief. I just knew that everything was going to be alright. Not only did I love my new consultant’s hair more importantly, I had the chance to see her work first hand and it was awesome. Her client had the type of Sisterlocks that I saw the day I knew I had to have them. Beautiful. Now this is not to say that I lost all of my skepticism, my new Certified Consultant, Precious Stallworth (found on the Sisterlocks site here) claimed that she could retighten my hair in 2 hours, 3 tops. hmmmm Even so, I was willing to give her 4 hours the retighten alone before calling foul.

Let me tell y’all I got washed, retightened, had major repair and my kitchen newly installed in 4 hours!! When she said she was done I really couldn’t believe it, she stopped and I thought she just needed a minute to stretch. I'm SOLD!!

We are going to be a team working together to ensure that I have awesome uniform locks. She has rules though. I am not allowed to put any oils on my dry scalp….NONE, not even the occasional tea tree and jojoba oil. She wants my scalp to do what it is suppose to do without the influence of additional oils.

What I can and should use is a Sea Breeze spritz: 3 parts SB- 1 part water, ( make sure hair is rolled or braided while you spray only the scalp).

and I have to say that so far I am impressed with the results.

(So fresh and so clean clean)

Usually, right after a retightening, my scalp would look like Christmas and I would have to use jojoba oil to have it look and feel half decent. I am willing to give the no oil rule my best shot.

Precious sais my locks are coming along well

even so, she changed my locking pattern, combined a few locks and she is working on cleaning up some of my partings. As you know I really needed work back here:

well it got done!!

(My night scarf helped cause some wildlings in the middle there)

Considering that she accomplished all those things, I was able to stay within my hair budget. It looks like my goal of having my hair maintained by a consultant for at least a year is possible. Thank you, Precious the Universe named you well!

I would also like to thank you all for your guidance, support and advice. I was so scared that I would not be able to take care of my hair during my current financial situation and you all gave me hope.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vitamins & Supplements for health, hair, nails and skin.

My weight had been fluctuating a lot over the last few months (stress). So over the last few weeks I have made sure to stock up on my fruit and veggies and to take my vitamins to combat any damage I might have done. And now, I already see and feel great results. Not much on the weight loss department bc I have not started working out again(my new consultant wants me to not wash my hair I will chat more about that soon) but my skin is soft and glowing, my nails are growing super fast and I am regular if you know what I mean.

Vitamin regime

Multi-vitamins- just to make sure I am not deficient in anything bc I do not always eat the way I should. I also take this to help fight against the big C’s (cardio vascular disease and cancer).

Fish oil- while I was pregnant I discovered all the benefits of having omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil is an excellent source of it esp. since I won’t cook salmon everyday. Again it helps with the big C’s, also improves memory, focus and relieves signs of depression.

Super B complex- for stress bc it gives me the energy to combat the daily stresses in life. Most importantly, the b vitamins help with cell rejuvenation, deficiencies can look like dry/ grey skin, wrinkles, acne, dermatitis, rashes, falling hair and weak, splitting nails. I swear I was suffering from most of those symptoms a few months ago.

LeVive Juice- it has a mixture of the top 5 antioxidant producing fruit in one product; Pomegranate, Goji, Acai, Noni and Mangosteen. I take a shot of it in the morning bc it does increase energy. Along with giving me healthy hair, skin and nails it controls blood sugars so that I have less of an urge to overeat.

Since I want to grow long sexy locs, I love that the above vitamins/supplements help with hair growth and for that purpose I am going to start drinking the wheat grass smoothies that Blaqkofi recommends on her site here.

Wheatgrass- Detoxifies and cleanses your body, helps balance your body’s pH level and strengthens your immune system

Now Big D, my hubby, sais vitamins might just be giving us expensive pee, and maybe some of the changes I noticed are psychosomatic. But I’ll take IT!! bc like many others I see the results in helping my body do it’s natural functions.

What vitamins/ supplements do you recommend and what results have you seen?