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Monday, June 21, 2010

Retight and Clean up

As many of you know our parting grids are an important part of your Sisterlock process. They help in making your locks uniform and easy to style.

I just got back from my retight where my Consultant, took her time and incorporated my loose hairs that decided to grow like weeds over the last 6 weeks. Not only did I have a lot of new growth between my locks but I also had loose strands from my damages locks that popped due to my previous consultants retightening techniques. (That is all in the past) Having all this loose hair helped Precious improve my partings, even more, and I feel like my grids are looking better and better.

6 weeks after retight and can see lots of  new and loose hairs

Freshly done and grids/ spacing are looking better 

Big word of advice for people researching Consultants; your foundation is key so make sure you pay the extra $$ and go the extra mile to get it done right!! I wish I did.

Monday, June 14, 2010

10 Months

Well this is an interesting time for me. My hair is growing, I feel tons of new growth, but to me it looks the same length as day one. I do love how it feels though, I have some thicker fuller locks.

I am doing nothing different other then taking more vitamins so not much had changed since my 9 month post. But I have noticed one major difference, my hair stays looking pretty over a 2 week period. Below I have a pictures comparing my curl freshly done and then what it looks like 2 weeks later. I have received many compliments over the last little while, and I have to say my hair is helping to put a major smile on my face.

Freshly washed

Day of wash and I combed through the curls

Stay Blessed!!