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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bad Hair Day!

Well it has been a bad hair week and it doesn't look like it will get much better soon. I have washed my hair 2 days this week because after the first hair wash my hair and scalp was left grey. Yes, grey and yucky! I had rinsed and rinsed and I thought all was well but as I took my hair out of braids the next morning before work I saw a hot mess. I tried to do a style to cover it up but I ended up wearing a hat. Thank God, I was working outside those few days. I went to see my consultant and she said it was build up. I washed it again last night and rinsed it several times. Now I might be able to go around without a hat but I find my hair still looks a little grey,

 I have bunching, there's slippage in a patch of locks on top, and I LOST  a few locks. My consultant may faint when she sees this mess.

I am so frustrated. I felt as though my dry scalp was getting under control but when I came back from Tobago my scalp and skin just got really dry in this Southern Cali climate. My face even got these really dry patches that discolored my face temporarily. 

I have about a week and a half till my next appointment and Precious, my consultant, may try baking soda during my wash. I thank God for her because I don't know how I would have made it through this valley experience without her. But having this much build up, along with my other issues she has been working to correct over the last few months ( lock thinning and slippage) happening all at the same time, has overwhelmed me.

So until my appointment, I will roll my hair so the ends are less obvious and I will wear my funky hair bands. But I have to be honest, I will be very self conscious.

If you have any advice, support or have had a similar experience, please share. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 Months

Well my 5 month anniversary has passed and I have to say I am at an interesting point in my journey. I LOVE MY HAIR!! I feel funky and fun with my hair this length but I am anticipating my growth because I am looking forward to long sexy locks. I want to be tossing my own hair around when I bellydance again. I don't want to worry if I will do a turn and see my hair piece laying on the floor. That never happened, thank God, but it was always a thought in my head.

Talking about thoughts in my head, I think there should be something called a 5 month inch. I am itching to dye my hair, use some fancy products and there has been a day or 2 that I was tempted to shave them off. But I am showing restraint for now and I am practicing patience.

Routine: A) wash every 2 weeks B) use Seabreeze spray on my scalp every 4 days C) retighten every 4 weeks

Goals: A) more patience B) dye my hair at my 1st anniversary C) growth D) hair locked at 1st anniversary (hey they say dream big)

Challenges: A) letting my scalp be- I am following the directions of my consultant in not using oils on my scalp and letting it 'do it's own thing and adjust to making it's own natural oils'. Well right now I am in the part of that process where my scalp's natural oils are in over production and I am getting tons of build up B) shrinkage- I see no growth and at times that can be frustrating C) slippage- the more we correct the locks the longer it will take to lock

Day 1 Month1 Month5

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, for your support, and for giving me stellar advice.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back From T&T

Happy New Year All!!!

Well I promised that I would bring back some interviews from women wearing locks in Trinidad and Tobago but I was unable to do so. Why, you may ask. Well every time I approached someone to do so I was told, in so many words, that even though my hair was cute I was going to regret having it done so small because of breakage, lack of growth etc. I ended up explaining the Sisterlocks process and sending them to the website bc they were not 'convinced' that I didn't do something tragic to my hair.

Most of the comments were well meaning, I suppose, but I met up with one person who was condescending and she wondered why I chose Sisterlocks. I believe that each person has the right to do what they want with their hair whether that be relax, loc, twist etc. I just simply responded to her with the truth that I chose Sisterlocks because I think they are beautiful, and I felt like I could style them in a way I have always wanted my hair to look. sigh

So no interviews or pics but below are some pics of me in T&T. Right now my hair is going through a stage where it doesn't want to hold a curl so I have just been free styling it. I was a little frustrated with that bc I wanted my family to see my hair looking it's best. Well it must have been good enough because I took some curious Aunt's to a few blogs and showed them the Sisterlocks "Good Hair" Youtube video (see below) and they were sold.

Christmas in Bago!!!

Hair after taking out Bantu Knots

Only lasted 1 day

Very Important!!!

Many of us have family, know people who live in the Caribbean, or just enjoy taking trips to the Caribbean. No matter what we are all connected so I hope that you have already found away to donate to a Haiti relief fund but if not here is one way that you can help. I simply texted the word "Haiti" to the number 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross Relief Fund.