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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Braid out + Pipe cleaner =

Curls galore that last for days!!!

The baby locs along my hairline need to be braided and banded; and to further protect my baby locs, from slippage, I leave them to dry in the braid. So, after I wash I end up braiding the rest of my hair to sport a braid out.  In a SL Facebook group, I learned to curl the ends of the hair to keep the braid sealed but I decided to roll the whole braid in pipe cleaner. The result... Super curls!!! 

  It is great to have my hair off my neck during the summer heat but it doesn't allow me to see my growth. Oh well, when I wash every 2 weeks, or get a fresh retightening, I am able to do length checks.

Here is my hair straight after a fresh retight

Hope you all are enjoying your summer and your locs!

Stay Blessed!


  1. I been so lazy lately with my hair. Looking at your picture make me want to do some pipe cleaners for real.

  2. Awww coming from you that is an amazing compliment!!