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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Top 5 Reasons I love Vinegar

Heinz  Distilled White  Vinegar  1.32 gal

I  LOVE using vinegar, very much! It has become a staple in my home. I recently went to COSTCO so that I could by a 5L bottle of white vinegar for less then $4.00. I felt such a rush scoring that deal that I literally giggled as I hauled it into my cart. That is how much I love vinegar.

I typically use White Vinegar for the home and Apple Cider for my hair and skin however, I will replace ACV with WV when I run out.

Vinegar is awesome because it cleanses hair and is often used to treat dandruff. It’s anti-fungal, disinfecting, and Ph balancing properties are also useful when cleansing/healing your body and cleaning your home.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons I love Vinegar

1. I have reduced the use of commercial cold and sinus medications that are full of so much junk with using this homemade cold and flu formula recipe instead

2. Being pregnant with my daughters made me want to stop using cleaners with heavy fumes so now I make several mild homemade cleaners.

Tub cleaner- Use 1 part Dawn, and 1 part warm White Vinegar, spray the tub and leave the mixture on there for several hours. Next, rinse your tub with hot to warm water and see the sparkling results!

3. Natural Feminine Wash. Sometimes a lady needs a little extra sumthin, sumthin when washing her feminine parts (esp. after pregnancy or her menstrual cycle) and I find this method very helpful.

4. I have used ACV rinses for a long time but now I have added a vinegar/baking soda wash during my shampoo process. My scalp is left clean and my hair is fresh and shiny. When my consultant washes my hair, in a similar fashion as this, it looks as though I have used a shine serum because it is super shiny!!

Step 1- Rinse locs very well
Step 2- Take a 1-2 tbsp of baking soda and water to make a paste and then massage my scalp with it. I also smooth the mixture down the length of my locs
Step 3- I use a spray bottle full of vinegar and spray my hair with it till I hear bubbling
Step 4- After I have massaged my locs I rinse the vinegar and baking soda up
Step 5- I wash my hair another 2 times using a clarifying shampoo

Here is the link where I discovered this method. I use Recipe B and I considering using Recipe C, very soon.

5. Every so often I add 1 cup of white vinegar to my washing machine to get cleaner and fluffier towels. The vinegar will get rid of detergent build up and any musky smells that you get from forgetting your load of towels in the washer…ooops.

If you have a case of stinky mildew towels use this 3 step process.

Step 1- Wash your towels in only hot water with 1 cup of vinegar,
Step 2- Run the towels again in hot water with a ½ cup of baking soda. This will strip your towels of that residue and mildew smell and will actually leave them feeling fluffy and smelling fresh.
Step 3- Dry as usual

I hope that you find a way to add more vinegar to your life, you will not regret it!

Stay Blessed,

TWI (The Woman Inside)

Monday, May 20, 2013

It has been way too long

My apologies, I have been gone for a long time but I have been keeping in touch with some of you, via various SL Facebook groups. But here, on this blog, I will be sharing anything new that I have learned, and updates on hair and natural products.

My life: Currently, I am a Domestic Goddess and I am enjoying being a full time Mom, more then I ever expected. I am also taking this time to determine my next career move. Sisterlock consultant training is up for consideration but the fact that I have yet to master a basic cornrow if giving me hesitation. lol

Hair: I have been all about free-styling, partly because of time and also to strengthen my edges. During the fall of 2012, I went through a very dark period with my hair. I was so unhappy with it, I was considering combining or removing them. I even went 10 weeks without a retight.....never again. But I am back in love with my hair so much that I can't help swinging it around like I am a rock star. I also happily suffer from hand in hair syndrome. But the thing I love the most is that a major hair goal has been accomplished, I rock my own hair in a true ponytail...yeah!!!!

Unfortunately, I do not have a good camera so I do not have a ton of photos but here are a few!
Dec 2012
 May 2013

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Creation Integration Locs (TM) Part Deux

I do not have to look far for Loc inspiration. I get to see my inspiration every 6 weeks.
Meet my SL consultant, Precious Stallworth.

 Take a look at the masterpieces that she, and her sister Lady Gray, can create.

If you are suffering from thinning locs here is a solution.

Naptapestry Hair Studio is located at 4321 Leimert Blvd., Suite C, Los Angeles, CA 90008. Naptapestry specializes in Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks, Traditional locs, loc maintenance, loc styling, hair care, and Loc repair.

Stay Blessed!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time Flies

Next month, I am 3 years into my lock journey. To all the newbies, the journey has its ups and downs but time flies!!!

In the Beginning 

 (look at those tiny babies in the front)

(few days before a fresh retight)
Stay Blessed!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Braid out + Pipe cleaner =

Curls galore that last for days!!!

The baby locs along my hairline need to be braided and banded; and to further protect my baby locs, from slippage, I leave them to dry in the braid. So, after I wash I end up braiding the rest of my hair to sport a braid out.  In a SL Facebook group, I learned to curl the ends of the hair to keep the braid sealed but I decided to roll the whole braid in pipe cleaner. The result... Super curls!!! 

  It is great to have my hair off my neck during the summer heat but it doesn't allow me to see my growth. Oh well, when I wash every 2 weeks, or get a fresh retightening, I am able to do length checks.

Here is my hair straight after a fresh retight

Hope you all are enjoying your summer and your locs!

Stay Blessed!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lock 911 *Creation Integration Locs (TM)*

I have bragged, over and over, about my Consultant, Precious Stallworth. I found her after desperately searching for a new consultant, to help continue my journey, when my Sisterlocks were in their infancy. She installed my kitchen, and has maintained, and repaired my hair with great care. I am *very* thankful for her. So, now I am PROUD to show you all how she is going above, and beyond to help people cover small and large areas of hair loss. 

Creation Integration Locs (TM)



Naptapestry is pleased to introduce Creation Integration Locs (TM), a prosthetic loc integration unit designed to create maximum coverage for those with density challenges.  The Creation Integration (TM) unit is custom designed to meet the individual's need (specific hair loss/ thinning pattern, head size and shape, hair color, and length).  We offer a consultation to discuss the individual's need and create a plan to maximize the overall look and growth potential.

For more information, or to book an appointment, please call Naptapestry Hair Salon*,  310 735 5965.

*Naptapestry  specializes in Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks, Traditional locs, loc maintenance, loc styling, hair care, and Loc repair.  

Location: 4321 Leimert Blvd., Suite C, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Stay Blessed!

Friday, March 16, 2012

K.I.S.S. and Hot Oil Treatments

K.I.S.S. = Keeping It Simple Sexy

That is what I am doing folks, I am keeping my routine, regimen, and product use simple. It is so easy to get caught up in wanting to try this or that on my locs but I have Sisterlocks and the beauty of Sisterlocks is that they really don't need much. Actually, using too much on these locs can be detremental ie build up, unraveling and slippage. My locs are maturing and I really thought that by now I would start to use a phlethra of conditioners, moisture sprays, and oils. But oil is the only thing that I have added to my simple regimen. (However, I will use a leave in conditioning spray once I color) I had a hot oil treatment last weekend and it was great. My hair feels conditioned, looks shiny, and is stronger.

Hot Oil Treatments are highly recommended for people with dry and/or damaged hair. They are beneficial because the oils can infuse your hair with keratin leaving it strong, and moisturized. It is so easy to create your own treatment. I plan on using the following oils  for future treatments

Coconut Oil - Even though this oil may not be good for everyday use in Sisterlocks (it can build up and be harder to wash out) it is awesome for a Hot Oil Treatments. It penetrates the hair shaft so it is ultra moisturizing. Also, because of it's anti fungal/antibacterial properties, it is great for people having dandruff and other scalp issues.

Olive Oil - This oil is very nourishing, a great moisturizer for dry hair and scalp but is also very heavy. It strengthens and increases elasticity of the hair shaft.

Jojoba Oil - Is a lighter oil but still gives your hair a nice shine. It mimics the natural oils that we produce (sebum), and helps to distribute that oil so it can help some balance their oil production. This oil is good for people with oily hair.

How to do a homemade treatment: You can do your treatment before or after you wash.

1. Decide which oil/oils you would like to use.
2. Measure out 1/4 to 1/2 cup oil (depending on length of hair) and, if you desire, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils
3. Heat your oil in microwave or pan till warm, you do not want it to be hot BE CAREFUL
4. Add your warm oil to you locs by massaging your scalp and rubbing the oil from root to tip
5. Cover your locs with a plastic cap and either wrap it in a warm towel 30 min, or sit under the dryer for 15min
6. Rinse well with warm water and do a final few minutes with cool water for even more shine

Regimen and products:

Even though I like having a simple routine my only problem is the best shampoo for my locks, so far, has sulfates.  I have tried several natural organic shampoos and either they leave a residue or my ends loosen up. I also noticed that my locs were not as condensed and tight as I like them to be. Now, maybe it's just a coincidence and my hair was just going through a phase but as soon as I stopped using my natural shampoos, and went back to Suave and Dawn, my hair tightened right up. When I am fully locked I may revisit my natural shampoos or look or an even better one.

Shampoo every 2 weeks: At home Suave Daily Clarifying  :  At the salon Gabrel's Lemon Fluff

Hot Oil Treatment: will be every 6 weeks using coconut oil

Spritz- Just water or Seabreeze mix

Hair is tight and mostly sealed
31 Months

Example of  my ends looking loose and puffy

Side note : Recovering from Post partum Shedding YEAH!!!

Stay Blessed!